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Welcome to Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels

Thirteen years ago, Tony Webb began Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels.  His global daily mission, which has never ever been achieved is now within his grasp.   The global mission is to help save the warm water coral reefs and fund the movable underwater hotels for the supporting global patrons.

Also created is a share with friends and family Membership Program designed to provide the Members with spectacular experiences at the movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.

The other option is pay $10,000 per night at the majestic movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.

100% Commitment

My movable underwater hotel work is loved in every USA state and in the top 50 nations. For the first time in USA history, all 50 states are partnered with 50 nations to share in the underwater experiences.  After the first U.S. Patent Design Underwater Hotel is commissioned, then the mass production of 50 movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels will commence and humans will now forever have the opportunity for living underwater!

The historic global Membership Program of “paying it forward” establishes for your children’s children to also enjoy living underwater safely at a depth of – no greater than 30 feet.

Your Experience for one night stay

The annual $25.00 Membership Program is based upon sharing. Join the FREE FOR TWO MONTHS Membership Program and  view the first 60 second video displaying the historic movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.  Tell your all of your friends and family, because two of your friends and family will also be joining you.  When Members are awarded their one night stay for two adults to sleep in the underwater hotel, we will provide a second guestroom to share with your friend or family couple. This way forever, you can share your experiences with the people you love and cherish your one very special night with your friend or family member forever.

Our Membership

Each State/Nation Membership is $25.00 per year. TWO FREE MONTHS to decide your Membership.  Show your strength to your family and friends and become a Platinum Member of all 50 State/Nation $1,250.00. Lots and lots of award opportunities for Platinum Memberships. Each of the 50 Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels will award 4,000 guestrooms per year to the supporting $25.00 Membership Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The marine life and the sparkling clear waters. This newly built pier is the best solution to take your walk-through tour and truly experience a world of spectacular. It is the only place on the entire planet where you can journey 30 feet into INNER SPACE, and towards the end of the tour take the adjacent elevator back to 8 feet above sea level.  There you exit and once again place your foot back onto Planet Earth.  We hope your special journey was the best in your entire life.

When the US Patent Design was awarded the mission was to shared it with all supporting patrons in the state/nation partnership.  The program is structured to fabricate, assemble and train citizens from that state/nation’s crew who will assist in the day to day operations in the Belize/Caribbean operations area.  The steel fabrication facilities span from Texas to Alabama;  they will help roll the steel for the 50 partnered states/nation’s movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels.

1. Increased media attention for host nation
2. Creates a new revenue stream for coral reef restoration
3. Increased marine life
4. Increased awareness of responsible ecological marine tourism
5. Increased employment in tourism and coral restoration
6. Increased taxation and economic development revenues for the host.
7. Sustainable development and not a burden on existing infrastructure
8. Increased educational opportunities
9. 100% environmental marine friendly – nothing is dumped into the water!
10. Underwater Research Center for College and University Marine Biology Students

Absolutely! We have designed a program for BITCOIN and traditional investors to actually own a for real Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel guestroom, now a CONDO! We will book it and pay the investor revenues. 


Each State/Nation’s sold out $25.00 Annual Memberships results in 4,000 AWARDS to the Members supporting that state/nation movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. Your actions today are for your friends and family to enjoy the underwater hotel experience together. 

This is your moment in time to become a Member… push the button and it’s FREE FOR THE FIRST TWO MONTHS!

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