Why the world's first global on-going raffle program?

 Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo are world-famous for their casinos and gambling industries, with tourists flocking there for gambling. Overall, the industry is worth 100’s of billions globally and is forecasted to increase in the coming years. One of the most prestigious luxury vacation destinations in the world, Dubai, has zero casinos. In fact, not only do they not have any casinos, gambling is against the law. But that is slowly starting to change.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, a new company based in Dubai, is looking to change just that by not offering global patrons gambling services, but instead, a raffle. This is evident by the nightly ads on Dubai TV advertising raffles that aim to save the coral reefs that are just off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

The government of the United Arab Emirates has issued the world’s first global raffle license to Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels. This means that the company will build on the legality of raffles as opposed to persuading lawmakers to legalize the gambling industry. The issued license by the United Arab Emirates government is not only the first in the world, it is the only raffle license in the country, allowing the company to essentially have a gambling/raffle monopoly in the country and the world via the Internet.

The unique and one-of-a-kind license will allow the company to tap into the $702 billion industry that is projected to grow to $765 billion by 2027. The largest growing region for gambling and raffles is in the Asia-Pacific region, China in particular. That is where Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels will focus the majority of its efforts. The company’s managing director and founder, Tony Webb, has years of experience in offering Chinese nationals unique experiences and the underwater hotel is his latest and greatest offering yet.

The proceeds of the raffle will help preserve, replenish, and help the coral reefs to thrive. With global temperatures rising year after year, the reefs have seen a decline. The company aims to create a new industry of eco-friendly tourism in the Caribbean that reduces its impact on local coral reefs and pollution. And they have created a solution.

Not only has Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels been approved for a raffle license in the United Arab Emirates, but they have also pioneered a new marine-based technology that has allowed them to receive a patent (US Patent Design #D736947). The patent is for an underwater hotel that is 100% self-contained with a triple-redundancy system and offers visitors a brand-new experience that has never been created before.  

The company has already created concept designs, with the renditions showing visitors being able to descend 30 feet (9.1 Meters) below sea level using an all-glass elevator capable of lowering up-to 20 visitors. The hotel’s design and concept have even been featured in Business Insider, Fox News, and CNBC.

The winners of the raffle will win an all-inclusive seven nights package or the winner to receive a cash award of $10,000. The second option is two tickets to the designation with American Airlines, 7 nights in the Belize, 6 nights at the luxurious land resort in Belize, and 1 night in the underwater hotel. When compared to other forms of gambling, the odds of 1:2000 of winning the raffle are amazing. Everything is set for the on-going raffles to start, customers start placing $25.00 orders with hope to win.  The real winners are the coral reefs, the underwater hotel is the constant attraction to the funding the coral reefs and fabrication of additional underwater hotels for the supporting global patrons.

Although the Dubai government of the United Arab Emirates has issued Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels the licenses for the raffle, the banking institutions in the country are quite hesitant to allow the company to open banking accounts and transfer capital to and from the company. This is mainly due to the company’s unique position of being the first with such as license and there is no set standard or procedure to follow. However, the company’s founder was able to find a solution to the deal breaking problem.

The Belize government is able to issue gambling licenses to qualified companies in the world.  As a result of the gambling license, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels is now able to open a corporate bank account that will allow them to conduct business just like any other gambling institution that is based in Las Vegas, Macau, or Monte-Carlo.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels aims to raise a total of $500,000 USD from investors around the world. The Capital will be used to establish the company’s operations, gambling licenses, and all other necessary requirements needed to fulfill the company’s obligations.

In return the individuals who choose to invest, they will receive 10% of the profits of the raffle, which will be 4,000 Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels rooms. The investors can expect the returns from the raffle in as little as a year.

The concept, design, and technology of the luxury underwater hotel has never been done before and is a one-of-a-kind idea that will prove to be successful. Although there are some obstacles along the way to achieving the goals set forth by Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, they are, however, small and can be easily conquered.

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