Our 50 Belize Reef Underwater hotel Locations

Belize Coral Reef 2nd Largest

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC is ready to take Belize on the first steps into a new era of dive tourism when coming up for air does not mean leaving the ocean. You can experience the majesty of the deep with your night's stay!

50 locations in Belize waters are perfect for safe operations. The water has 150 feet visibility and an abundance of marine life. Roatan has been evaluated and has protective bay waters. Curacao has out of the annual hurricane path protective bays. Grenada too. Panama is definitely a WOW location!

With 8,000 HP Electric Propulsion Systems, the movable Underwater Hotels will operate in marine life zones. NOT IN DEAD ZONES!

Living underwater at no greater than 30 feet depth and 100% movable creates a new experience at all the 50 movable underwater hotels. Is it possible to operate in Antarctica? TBD (yes) why not?

BELIZE and beyond

Second largest coral reef to view marine life and it's the perfect training area for the 50 movable underwater hotels. Unfortunately, 95% of the FL KEYS REEF, 3rd largest coral reef, is DEAD and near extinction. Google it if you doubt it! WAKE UP FOLKS!

Dominican Republic has been seriously evaluated, DR most certainly has the resort infrastructure!

View the X tweets about our locations. Japan and New Zealand for cold water operations. Read about locations throughout the Mediterranean. Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Greece, Cyprus are all absolutely stunning, including Morocco's magnificent coastal waters.

We can operate in cold waters at a coastal seabed depth of 100 feet the minimum is 45' seabed. In wind storms the movable underwater hotel surface and navigate to the calm side of the island.