For 13 years, Tony self-funded the entire endeavor and made many philanthropic major contributions for furthering outer space tourism for the everyday people. Unfortunately, in 2012, NASA killed those hopes.  In 2012, Tony Webb began the Inner Space Tourism Industry.
The USPTO issued the world’s first US Patent Design D-736947 for Underwater Hotel and was announced to the global media in December 2015 on the opening day ceremony of COP21 in Paris.
In 2019 through 2023, Tony began his focus on legal online gambling to fulfill upon his beginnings, dating back to the 13 years of self-funded  outer space tourism.
Tony reached out to Dubai, UAE, and became a Partner with the Dubai Economic Development Authority.  This historic partnership was to provide the solution for the world’s first ongoing raffle program.  It was to help fund aquaculture and global coral reef nurseries technologies and it was to fund the movable US Patent Design Underwater Hotels.  The Dubai global raffle license was issued to the 52% owned Dubai LLC.  However, the Emirates refused to establish the corporate bank account.
The global marketing raffle program partners 50 US states with 50 nations for their movable Underwater Hotels.  All are 100% dependent upon the legal Belize on-going global raffle funding program.
Our secondary funding source is through Belize owned banks.  The investment revenue is provided to our steel fabricator to begin purchasing the A36 carbon plate steel.  The other is provided to the acrylic fabricator for 70 sheets of five inch thick 5×16 feet arched acrylic panels. Both steel and acrylic will be completed in six months and under a signed contract.  The interior triple redundancy module plug and play systems will be assembled in New Iberia, Louisiana, and in six months.
Our third funding source is from the VIP Belize Underwater Hotel Country Club program.  We will offer only 2,000 membership sales for $62,500.00.  This Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will offer the elite seven-star guest services.  This will be the ultimate of all country club memberships in Planet Ocean.
Global Patrons are aware that the US $25.00 Raffle Ticket is applied towards funding that state/nation Underwater Hotel.  Patrons are aware approximately 27% of the Raffle Ticket are allocated towards funding coral reef restoration nurseries technologies, to the possibility of a Caribbean King Crab Nursery, agricultural assistance programs, and other programs to improve upon the Belize land and water based tourism opportunities.
The raffle winner selects either $10,000 cash today or the seven nights in Belize resorts with one of those nights at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, in an approximate one year waiting period. 
We are seeking 17 Vice Chair Belize (see below). We will hire top candidates from Belize to accomplish the interior assembly and provide training of the 28-person crew.  We will complete the entire fabrication and assembly in under 9 months and deliver it to Belize.  We will recruit from our ranks to assist in executive management.
The energy intensive movable Underwater Hotels are powered by all forms of plastic trash. We will incorporate the made in India pyrolysis plant to convert plastic into green energy biofuel.
Our Five Year Exit Strategy is based upon having responsible Belize citizens to own and operate the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels Belize, LLC company.