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Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC is based in Key West – America’s Paradise.  We have been working to build an affordable movable underwater luxury hotel – without compromising on safety.  We have a very unique mission.  We will be the first on Planet Earth to accomplish this mission.  Our goal is for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel to help fund and implement worldwide proven coral reef restoration and aquaculture solutions/technologies; thus helping to save Planet Earth/Ocean from the ongoing daily destruction of Planet Ocean.

Founder and Managing Director

Elon Musk and Tony Webb are very similar!

Tony owned and operated several companies in the emerging high-tech industries of the 1980s and 1990s before focusing his attention on the field of space and oceanographic exploration beginning in 2000. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1975 – 1979 where he specialized in celestial navigation. After leaving the service, he continued as a mariner – transporting yachts along the Intra-Coastal Waterway – as he began his business career.

ELON receives Economic & Physics degrees before he is 21 years old.

Webb became the youngest agency owner 1982 in the USA for Exxon Office Systems Company, a subsidiary of Exxon Enterprises, and competed against IBM, Wang, and Lanier in the emerging dedicated word processing and FAX market.

ELON founded ZIP2 in 1995 and sold in 1999 to Compaq transportable computers and established X.com.

In 1991, Webb was hired as the VP to create the Electronic Yellow Pages Community Multimedia Search Based Program for world’s first software search engine company that automatically captured TV news broadcasts using PC-based open-ended architecture. We were years before Google and there was no Internet either.

ELON founded and sold PAYPAL to eBay 2002.

By the early 2000s, Webb shifted his attention from high technology to exploration. From 2000-2003, he became a major supporter for the United Nations World Space Week. He was a speaker at the International Space Development Conference in 2002 and 2007. Tony Webb put his money where his mouth is and never in 25 years accepted any investor funding.

ELON founded SpaceX 2002.

Still involved in space exploration, Webb 2009 became the first major sponsor for the Google Lunar X PRIZE team, SYNERGY MOON. His sponsored international team made it to the final round and eliminated over 15 teams. Many of those lunar teams have now joined team SYNERGY MOON.

ELON sends SpaceIL Israeli GLXP rover to the MOON 2019.

At the UN Climate Accords in Paris the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel project received mention to the world leaders. Immediately, Mr. Webb’s underwater hotel received world media coverage. Years later, Mr. Webb was approached by Mr. Fabian Cousteau to design and fabricate an underwater research center to be placed at a depth of 60 feet. This project was approved by three Egyptian Government Ministers. There was a funding issue for the four underwater hotels joined together by a tunnel system and the research center. That project ended with no funding. In 2019, the US Government approved for operations in Cuban waters. This project was designed to provide a new spirit of entrepreneurship for the socialist island nation. It was rejected by the Cuban government and shortly thereafter President Trump ended all forms of tourism to Cuba. The major reason Cuba was selected was Cuba has the best coral reefs in all of the Caribbean.

Tony Webbs Family History

Two badges of honor and both are still alive, but rather the global lottery to win a space flight and televised to 600M people STS-107 ended that. The 2nd was about the world playing the same game and together journey to Mars. That game resulted in the global legal charitable raffle. I am a man of my words.
My father was AIA and his architecture began my life over a flowing stream. The bed was above the stream

My Dad’s 1958 motel was 7 stories tall. I asked Dad why did you stop at 7? Son, there were no cranes that could lift higher.

Dad’s work is at The Georgia Historical Society you can see his work, including the first indoor air-conditioned mall for the Southeast.

Because Dad teaching me about Architecture and Construction and the full business is Tony Webb’s solid foundation to accomplish the fabrication and assembly of the world’s first moveable underwater hotel.

Mom and The Queen of England and the BBC news about the encounter onboard the QE2. Mom… got her EXACT spot where she would meet The Queen. Mom went to the Captain of the QE2 to ensure she would be in her spot to meet The Queen of England.

Mom and The Queen met. The Queen asked Mom have you been on board the QE2 before? Mom responded, yes your majesty we were on board when England went to war and we had to disembark. The Queen and Mom became instant friends and on my arrival at the Marina del Canton Villa, I met the Lady who spoke for The Queen when The Queen could not make the appearance. Mom loved her British ancestors deeply and became a true shining light.

AKSUDA Naval Architects are by far, the world’s leader in Lift Barge technologies and HQ in New Orleans.  Tony Webb’s Dad was an Architect to whom build his home over a flowing stream.  Ask Ted Turner how he enjoyed living in my home in Macon, Georgia!  Ted won The America’s Cup and started Super Channel 17 TBS in my home which was now owned by the bank and the bank also got the world’s first 7 story pre-poured press stress concrete motel. That 1958 motel still stands today and my only home where I once had a real family – then the bottom fell out and Mom split and went elsewhere.

Our USA steel fabricators will sign a legal construction contract, the entire steel components will be completed in 6 months. The same applies for the acrylic fabrication and completed in 6 months. The interior will be 100% assembled and 100% operational and in about 6 months. 

Now the entire underwater hotel is fully operational and immediately ready to receive our guests. What’s so fascinating is the crew who assisted in the triple redundancy systems assembly are 100% trained on the operations.


For 25 years of pure dedication and unfortunately self-funded or quit on the 99%.

TONY WEBB sacrificed 25 years and pioneered OUTER SPACE TOURISM for the everyday person. The world’s only fighter for the middle class.  In 2012 INNER SPACE TOURISM was born.  TRUTH is, each movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel gives each state the opportunity and since the world loves my work, and they do… a global funding program of a simple raffle system will collect all the received money and 100% is applied to the movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel for that state/nation. 

NO SPLITTING THE POT HERE!  No splitting your TRUE DREAM MONEY with investors.  Non-profits do the exactly the same too!  USA TAX DOLLARS applied even worse.  


ALL 100% of your $25.00 One a Year Membership fee is applied to the fabrication of the world’s first US Patent Design Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.   



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