Frequently Asked Questions


When the US Patent Design was awarded the mission was to shared it with all supporting patrons in the state/nation partnerships.  The steel fabrication facilities span from Texas to Alabama;  they will help roll the steel for the 50 partnered states/nation’s movable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels.

1. Increased media attention for host nation
2. Creates a new revenue stream for global coral reef restoration
3. Increased marine life
4. Increased awareness of responsible ecological marine tourism
5. Increased employment in tourism and coral restoration
6. Increased taxation and economic development revenues for the host.
7. Sustainable development and not a burden on existing infrastructure
8. Increased educational opportunities
9. 100% environmental marine friendly – nothing is dumped into the water!
10. Underwater Research Center for College and University Marine Biology Students

It takes 9 months to build a fully self-contained, triple redundancy systems underwater hotel… that is fully operational day one.

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