Tony Webb began Space Tourism in 2000 – it was his daily job and without a paycheck. Who wants this job? Work everyday for 22 years and not get paid.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin suggested the nation should have a lottery to journey to space. He tried, failed and quit. Many others too. You can see the 22 years using the Wayback Machine to see the years of Space Tourism or see Today, the self-funded 22 year project offers the best odds of winning a night’s stay at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.

Recently for the USA only, a SpaceX rocket seat was raffled and produced a historical funding performance for the St. Judes Hospital.

It’s impossible to raffle off 4,000+ rocket seats. Also, the ODDS of winning one rocket seat launch are a minimum of 30 million to one. Not good odds.

Because everyday people can not afford to stay at the moveable Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, we are raffling off all 4,000 guest rooms per underwater hotel. Our Raffle Partner program will easily produce 1,000 Global Partners.

There is no doubt what-so-ever a minimum of $1 BILLION DOLLARS annually from our 1,000 Raffle Partners can be allocated to SpaceX. The USA online gaming industry is $275B. Global Gambling Industry is $500B annual. The raffles are all legal in the 45 US states and legal in counties around the world.

The Arab world has accepted raffles in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Egypt and definitely for the Israelis. We have very strong Arabic opportunities for Arab nations to be contributing funds because they ALL want to win a night’s stay at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel in the Maldives or Red Sea operations area. You might say… over 4,000 RAFFLES will provide HUGE donations for the 1,000 legally Registered charities in their nations. All of our technology is in position. The platform is set to begin accepting on going non-stop donations. Non-stop for 50 years. Non-Stop until THE MARS MISSION is achieved.

How does Elon Musk benefit from this venture? Well… seems to me it is going to require LOTS OF MONEY to accomplish what SpaceX has for the Mars Mission. This is a giant step for everlasting humanity and it’s on a shoe string budget.

My 22 years of self-funded dedication is now on the table for the world to see. This deal opens the door for all nations to enjoy INNER SPACE TOURISM and safety too. It as simple as making a donation to the local charities and winning the night’s stay at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. Hopefully Elon says yes, then the possibility to win a SpaceX space flight or maybe a mission to Mars comes into play. Only Elon can say yes to this deal and the world will have a global raffle program to help fund the Mars Mission and coral reef restoration and help the 1,000 Raffle Partners.

Lots of people have lost REAL HOPE. ELON MUSK brings REAL HOPE and REAL MARS VISION. Tony Webb does too for Planet Ocean. “Offering the best odds of both worlds.”